Our Awards

School Group Surf Lessons
£15 per pupil
Minimum class size 10
Key Stages 1 to 4

Our concentration of resources into just one surf, bodyboard and coasteer area (around the world famous Fistral Beach) enables us to offer consistently high standards of service and organisation.

The Rip Curl English Surf School demonstrates quality of a high calibre through and through, and our constant reinvestment means that our already excellent product just goes from strength to strength.

The Rip Curl English Surf School Activities can be adapted to feature key curriculum topics. The educational themes are embedded within the activities themselves and cover subjects like science, maths, English language and literature, personal development within communication and social skills, emotional development within self-confidence and motivational skills as well as physical development within gross and fine motor skills.

For more information please see example of ’embedded educational activities’ below.

The activities we offer:

  • Surfing
  • Bodyboarding
  • Coasteering
  • Fistral Rangers
  • Rock Pool Safaris
  • Beach Safety

We are 100% flexible with regards to our multi activity options. You can organise and plan an itinerary to suit your needs. Choose what you want, say when you want it, it will be organised for you (the only parameter that we have is whether the tides are right for some activities).

Need help finding accommodation?

We have extensive links with and knowledge of local accommodation providers that are seasoned in accommodating large school groups. Give us a call or send us an email and we can help you organise.

Our school is:

  • AccreditationSurfing GB Level 4 and has been awarded centre of excellence, the highest grading in the industry.
  • Insured to a £10,000,000 public liability for specific activities (documents can be emailed to you)
  • Well-established as the flagship school of English Surfing.
  • Risk Assessed (Risk Assessment, Emergency Action Plan, Normal Operating Procedure etc can be emailed to you)
  • We have separate girls and boys changing rooms and safe secure storage of pupils clothes etc.
  • Our pre-course administration makes the organisation of your trip so easy
  • Our centre’s infrastructure cannot be beaten, we can provide onsite lunches, minibus parking and work with you to make your visit snag free.
  • All pupils receive a goodie bag from our school sponsors; Rip Curl -Coastline Coasteer is licensed by AALA (Adventurous Activities Licensing Authority) you can see our details here.

Embedded educational activities:

The Rip Curl English Surf School activities have the following leaning criteria embedded within them:

Communication, language and literacy

The Rip Curl English Surf School Educational programme supports children to develop:

  • Conversational skills with one other person, in small groups and in large groups to talk with and listen to others during the experience
  • Their vocabulary by learning the meaning of – and being able to use – new words akin to the Latin names for the creatures they meet
  • Their ability to use words to describe their experiences and re-tell the story of their experience or write about it back at school
  • Their knowledge of the sounds and letters that make up the words we use.
  • Their ability to listen to, and talk about the experience or discoveries.

Knowledge and understanding of the world

Our programme supports children to develop:

  • Knowledge about the natural world and beach environment and how it works.
  • Knowledge about how the environment is formed on the coast.
  • Learning about how to handle creatures and have a respect for their environment and the creatures themselves.
  • Learning about symbiosis and biodiversity.
  • Learning about their locality and its special features

Personal, social and emotional development

Our programme supports children to develop:

  • Positive approaches to learning and finding out about the world around them and how to interact with it.
  • Confidence in themselves and their ability to do things, and valuing their own achievements.
  • Their awareness of, and being able to keep to, the rules which we all need to help us to look after ourselves, other people and our environment.

Physical development

Our programme supports children to develop:

  • Control over the large movements that they can make with their arms, legs and bodies move correctly and expressively during a body boarding/surfing session.
  • The programme will also promote balance and lift gross motor skills.
  • Control over the small movements they can make with their arms, wrists and hands, so that they can pick small objects or creatures safely and delicately as not to hurt them.
  • Their understanding about the importance of, and how to look after, their bodies and wellbeing.

The Rip Curl English Surf School Educational programme can also be tailored to specific learning goals within your chosen curriculum. For example we could tailor it towards problem solving or maths. This would be done be using specific wording and information given to the children throughout the experience.

Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy

Our programme supports children to develop:

  • Understanding and ideas about how many legs a crab has, how much time before the tide comes in or goes out, how far and how big
  • Understanding and ideas about patterns, the shape of objects and parts of objects, and the amount of space taken up by objects;
  • Understanding that numbers help us to answer questions about how many, how much, how far and how big;
  • Understanding and ideas about how to use counting to find out how many.
  • Early ideas about the result of adding more or taking away from the amount we already have

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