Don’t be a kook! Learning to surf: 5 mistakes not to make


Don't be a kook!

by Anya Gilbert  

We know there’s a lot to think about when you’re learning to surf; the waves, the weather, Newquay’s ninja seagull’s dive-bombing for your pre-surf snacks…

So from us to you, here are a few of the biggest mistakes people have already made, so you don’t have to. 

1. Wetsuit on back-to-front

Zips go up your back people! 

2.  No sun cream / Old sun cream

Don't be a kook!The water reflects the sun’s rays and strengthens their power. Tans are great but a strawberry face sucks! So even on a cloudy day, lather on some new factor 30. Sun cream goes out of date so buy a new tube every year! 

3.  Choose the right surfboard to practice on

Don't be a kook!If you go too short too soon, you’ll surf like a goon. A foamy board with plenty of length and volume will give you the best chance of popping up and progressing quickly! 

4.  Leash on the wrong foot

When you’re surfing, the ankle leash always goes on your back foot. This is so it won’t trip you up! 

5.  Too far out

When you’re learning to surf, start by catching the white-water of the broken waves. Once you’ve perfected your paddling, your pop-up and balance, you’ll be able to paddle further out into the line-up for green waves. 

If in doubt, don’t be a fool. Just come to surf school!


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