Surf Coaching Weekend Training – Huge Success!


Surf Coaching Weekend Training

Surf Coaching Weekends

As well as group and private surf lessons here at the Rip Curl English Surf School and Newquay Activity Centre we also offer surf coaching weekends. These weekends are designed to help people improve their surfing quickly in a fun but productive environment. They differ significantly from our day-to-day lessons as they include things like video and photo analysis, the option to surf in different locations and consist of at least 3 sessions during a two-day period. It is a social event where the crew hangs out for the weekend sharing an evening meal out on the Saturday and hopefully make some new friends in the process. This intensive style course aims to bring like-minded folk together for a super fun weekend in the beautiful settings that Cornwall and Newquay has to offer.

Surf Instructors Training

With our surf coaching weekends growing in popularity we decided to hold a staff training event that would give all of our full time instructors the chance to learn how to run a coaching weekend and the extra responsibilities and skills that are involved. We thought it would be a great idea to run the training alongside a ‘live’ coaching weekend as this would mean the team of instructors would get hands on experience and see how the whole process works. The added bonus was that the group of clients pretty much had a surf instructor each!

Unrivaled Surf Tuition 

We hope the surf coaching weekends will bring an unrivaled level of tuition where the participant’s riding will skyrocket in a matter of days. The idea that all of our full time instructors will now know how to run the events will subsequently mean we can schedule more weekends in the future.

The training and event went really well overall and the instructors took on board the key differences and extra responsibilities needed to run future events. Congratulations to the team who all qualified with flying colours!


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