Learn to Surf with British Pro Johnny Fryer


Learn to surf with pro surfer Johnny Fryer

Learn to Surf with British Pro Johnny Fryer

By Anya Gilbert 

Having been surfing for over 27 years, our Head Coach Johnny Fryer is more than experienced; he’s a pro. 

Johnny claimed 4th place at this weekend’s Surfaced Pro Competition and it’s just one more achievement to add to his already extensive collection. Thinking of learning to surf? Johnny explains why he does it, and why you should too. 

What is it you love about surf coaching? 

It reminds me of how exciting those first few waves are and keeps it fresh. When you’ve been surfing for so many years, it becomes easy to get complacent but seeing the smiles on people’s faces is amazing. 

Surfing’s a unique experience for beginners, why should people try it? 

It’s the best sport in the world. It’s healthy, it’s clean, it’s cheap. But more than anything it’s the buzz of riding a wave…completely addictive. 

How does being a pro help with your coaching? 

With beginners and especially people who’ve tried it and want to progress, I feel like there isn’t a limit to what I can teach them. If you’re a good surfer, you’re obviously passionate about the sport. Otherwise you wouldn’t be good. Surfers are normally enthusiastic because it’s their whole life, you genuinely feel excited to pass your experience on. 

Why should people come to the English Surf School for for their lessons? 

It’s a great centre in a perfect location, offering different options, and great instructors. We’re focussed on people having an awesome time and the feedback that we receive really spurs us on to continually be the best at what we do. 

Book your surfing lesson with Johnny, check out the surf lesson options.


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