Surfing under the Cornish winter sun!


Surfers never let a cold snap such as a wintry January stop them from enjoying the uncrowded beaches and winter swell.

The advancement in wetsuit technology and neoprene material in recent years has fulfilled the surfer’s winter needs and enables those who are keen enough to endure and enjoy the cold seas for longer periods of time.
Surfing embraces all ages and abilities, welcoming ocean adventurers come spring, summer or winter. This January, Newquay Activity Centre has been cheering on brave surfers and bodyboarders who have been booking up on ‘Taster’ and ‘Explorer’ surfing lessons as they spend their winter weekends in Newquay.
Showing an unwavering enthusiasm to get out there young surfers Ethan and Carrie showed up and showed off during a lesson in early January. Under the golden afternoon sun in the beautiful bay off Towan Beach, Ethan and Carrie spent the afternoon developing their key surfing skills which saw their overall surfing ability greatly improve by the end of the session.
Ethan and Carrie we salute you! May your go-getting surfing attitude accompany you on all your surfing adventures!

Newquay Activity Centre director Rob Barber explains that equipment and attitude is key: “As we are open all year round it’s essential that we provide the best winter equipment to our clients. The mild weather this January has of course been a key factor in encouraging surfers into the water, however offering suitable winter kit and accessories as well as professional instructors who know their surf spots and key motivational tactics (after-surf hot chocolates and how to keep warm tips!) ensures that visitors experience the full thrill of winter surfing in Newquay and also enjoy its additional wellbeing and fitness benefits. Going on a lesson or for a surf with someone who is very experienced with winter surfing and all it entails helps boost your confidence and we can cast aside any doubts or fears. The camaraderie you experience with winter surfing is comforting and energising in itself.”
So ditch the gym, get out in the fresh air and get in the Atlantic Ocean. Be inspired by Ethan and Carrie and all those cold water surfers making the most of the winter swell. We can guarantee the cup of hot chocolate after a winter’s surf always tastes sweeter as you bask in the glow of your cool achievement.

Cast aside your winter fears and book a surf lesson with us today!


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